Vognition provides natural language voice controls for connected devices

in the home automation market


Our customers are manufacturers of home automation systems that control connected devices such as lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors, and more in the home.

Why Now?

With the explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and home automation, consumers expect to use voice commands to control their home automation systems. Manufacturers need to offer voice controls to maintain their competitive edge. We provide natural language voice controls with rapid deployment and multi-vendor integration so manufacturers can easily add voice and allow end users to choose any device to give their commands.

Why Vognition?

Vognition is the only voice control solution that allows users to choose any device – mobile phones, wearables, smart speakers (like Amazon Echo) – to give a command. We provide integration and support to accelerate the time to market for home automation manufacturers. We also eliminate the need to choose just one platform which restricts the customer’s choice of which device to use when giving a voice command.